Frequently Asked Questions

Appropriate & additional clothing

Comfortable clothing is a must. A waterproof layer is pretty much always advisable - we’d love to say otherwise but you know the weather! And layers are key so that the children can add or subtract as and when they need to stay the most comfortable at all times throughout the day. For the younger children it may be advisable for them to also have a change of clothes with them should you think they’ll be a possibility that they’ll need them.

Suitable footwear

Afraid that the rollerblades and novelty slippers will have to stay at home and sit this one out. Comfort is the name of the game here as the children will be moving a lot. Trainers are ideal or astroturfs/moulds for those who want to wear these - particularly those on the football course. For safety though we do ask for no studs.

Fancy dress/props for Theme Days (optional)

For an added layer of fun some of our camps will have Theme Days. These are entirely optional and parents will be advised in advance of any that are running in their child’s time on camp. The list of our current themes are as follows: Nerf Wars, Spy Day, Superhero Day, Whacky Socks & Crazy Locks, Disney Day, Pirates, Circus, Animal Safari, Celebration of Nations, The Mighty Jungle, Under the Sea, Going Green, Storybook Character, Mad Scientists, Sports Madness (Dress up as your favourite sports star).

Food & drinks

**Please, NO nuts & NO fizz** Please provide a healthy lunch for the children as they will be hungry! We also have a break time of 15 minutes at 10.30am and so a separate healthy snack that will set them up with plenty of energy for the rest of the day would be ideal. Plenty of fluids is definitely a must, especially at warmer times of the year it is England we know, but the sun can shine sometimes! A water bottle that they can refill as they need throughout the day is really the best option.